Best Hotels Offering Free Shuttle Services in Newark, NJ

Hotels in New Jersey are upping their game. Did you know that it is the first state to require hotels to put up panic devices? That’s right, soon, hotel workers will carry panic buttons in case of emergencies.

If you want convenience when flying to New Jersey, you have two choices of airports, Newark and Atlantic City. If you are in it for the casino life, then Atlantic City is the place to go.

If you want some family time with the kids, Newark is where you go. But Newark is giving AC a run for its money when it comes to gambling.

Now, here are some hotels in Newark offering free shuttle service.

Springhill Suites

If you want a quick journey from the airport to the hotel or maybe to the nearest casino, Springhill Suites is your go-to for accommodation. With their free shuttle service, you can roam around Newark all day long.

Most of the initial trips are free, but if you’re planning to stay a little longer, then it will cost you extra. No need to worry though, it’s not that much. You can even get a room at this hotel for less than $100.


Wyndham Garden Hotel

Wyndham Garden Hotel is located near the Newark Airport so it’s only fair that they offer free shuttle services. But it is even better because they’ll also take you to your casino of choice. Heck, they’ll even pick you up once you’re done.

This is free, but here’s a great tip, make sure to tip your driver. It’s common courtesy in the area and just a little something to help them get by.

Best Western Plus Robert Treat Hotel

Another hotel with free shuttle services, but that’s not the best thing about this place. The light transit train station is only 6 minutes away by foot from the hotel. With free shuttle from the airport to your hotel and nearby station to the nearest casinos, your trip is sure to be stress-free.

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Gambling Tips: England to New Jersey

Here’s a fun fact, in England, there’s an island named Jersey and it has quite the interesting gambling industry. They have quite a few casinos and the island have its gambling commission to overlook things.

That’s right, the Jersey Gambling Commission is tasked to maintain the rules and regulations for commercial and charitable gambling activities.

Now, speaking of England and gambling, more and more people from the country are flying internationally in search of amazing gambling experiences. Gambling in England is regulated by the government.

They allow casinos (online and land-based), gambling centers, betting shops (online and offline), racetracks, and bingo halls. However, many of the residents are getting tired of the usual slots and card games so they’re looking for something new.

If you’re looking for something new, perhaps we can help you out.

Live Online Casino


Tired of the usual online casino scene and not getting excited anymore. An emerging trend right now in the global gambling industry is the introduction of live online casino games. That’s right, its real casino streamed right to your computer, so you get to see all the action.

Several gambling operators based in New Jersey offer their services to people all over England. So, you can experience the New Jersey casino life without actually going to the US to do so.

Straight to AC


If you want to experience authentic and immersive gambling, then you can’t go wrong with Atlantic City. All you have to do is fly straight to the Atlantic City International Airport. Can you believe it, the casino industry is so big there that the state established an airport for the casino? Just kidding.

But, the AC airport is your first destination if you want to engage in casino life in Atlantic City. A quick bus ride or a chauffeur service from the airport can take you to the Borgata in only 20 minutes.

Borgata, by the way, is one of the best casino destinations not only in the US but throughout the globe. Borgata isn’t the only place nearby. The airport offers free bus and taxi services for travelers staying at major hotels and casino centers in Atlantic City, like Tropicana Casino and Resort and Ocean Resort Casino.

The airport is easily accessed from the major roadways that will take you straight to your casino destination. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re coming from the south, north, west or even from the Washington D.C. area.

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Top Airports Near Casinos in New Jersey

There are more than 50 airports in the state of New Jersey. So, you don’t need to worry about aviation and airline services. There will always be flights available for you, your family, and your friends.

However, there have been several issues and complaint directed at some of the airports and we don’t want you to experience the same nightmare. So, if you’re flying to the Garden State, here are the top three airports for you to book your flights with.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Codename EWR and commonly known as the Newark Airport. This is the major airport in New Jersey and is part of the New York metropolitan area. Newark accommodates more than 45 million passengers every year.

The airport’s domestic flight services are applauded for providing efficient and quick accommodation. From the ground crew to the in-flight crew, Newark is recognized for its world-class level of services.

If you are also looking for fast and convenient transportation to the nearest casino, Newark’s bus system is awesome. They accommodate most destinations back and from the airport. So, if you ever want to go straight to a casino upon arrival, Newark is the way to go.

Atlantic City International Airport

The AC airport is said to be even better than Newark. Well, we can’t say for sure but you sure can. AC airport’s aviation technology is said to be more advanced with navigation for both airport crews and passengers.

Not to mention, it’s only a 20-minute car ride to Atlantic City for your casino night getaway. AC airport is reported to have more passengers daily compared to Newark given that AC is the top destination in the state.

Most people go there to gamble and experience the next-level nightlife.

Teterboro Airport

The Atlantic City International Airport is not only your top choice if you want to dive into the full-on New Jersey casino experience. If you want gambling galore, responsible gambling, by the way, you might want to consider flying to Teterboro Airport along Industrial Ave.

From there, you can ride a cab or bus to more than 5 casinos surrounding the city. You don’t have to choose which casino to go to because all of them are top class.

Ready for your flight?

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