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Write for Us - Write for Us

There is so much to write about New Jersey and traveling to this magnificent state. However, we don’t have enough manpower to accommodate every single idea or topic for all of you to read.

That is why we are now opening the door for applicants to join the Jersey Shore, we mean, Jersey Airport online magazine. We are well aware that most of the content ideas and perspectives we are looking for can be sourced from people outside.

So, can we count on you?

Send your application today

To put your hat in the running, the first step will be to submit your writing resume and 3 articles you’ve published tosaul@jersey-airport.com. That’s right, the Jersey Airport director will be the one to assess every single application so make sure you prepare and bring your A-game.

After the deadline for the submission of applications, it will take Saul and his search committee three days to finalize a shortlist of candidates. Each candidate will then be contacted for the next step of the application which will be a written exam and a short interview with Saul.

We are looking to hire 5 writers to join our team and right now, we have received more than 400 applicants.

Training Process

If you’re worried about the workload, there will be an extensive training program for all five writers that will last at least a month. The training will focus on familiarizing oneself with the online platform and editor of the online magazine.

We will also give them abundant reading materials, so they get accustomed to the brand voice of Jersey Airport.

There will also be a couple of short seminars to be carried out by our senior directors including Saul himself for the objective of this program.

What to write about

Here’s your first lesson, all content we publish on our online magazine and other online platforms focus on travel activities and accommodation in the Garden State, New Jersey. We want you to write about what the state offers to local and international travelers.

Engage readers so they’ll know what to do and where to go upon landing in the Newark Liberty International Airport and other airport sites here in the state.

For more information, you can contact us today.