Best Casinos in New Jersey for International Travelers

New Jersey is a casino and gambling haven not only for the locals in the US but people from all over the globe as well. People from other countries like England, Australia, Canada, Philippines, China, Singapore, and more are flying to the state just to gamble the night away.

Hundreds of people are arriving in different airports in New Jersey daily. For example, people from all over the UK are flying straight to Newark, Teterboro and Atlantic City. That way, when they arrive at the airport, they’ll tell the taxi driver to go straight to a casino.

Now, before you fly out, not all casinos in the Garden State are up for the challenge of giving you a night you can’t forget. When we say an unforgettable night, we mean convenient accommodation and services from the airport to your destination.

So, here are the top casinos you can go to for the best and most convenient casino adventure.

Tropicana Atlantic City


The Tropicana is a 5-star casino and hotel in New Jersey and considered to be one of the best. Well, we can’t go to that because there are millions of opinions we first need to take into account.

The casino is only 15 minutes from the Atlantic City International Airport by car.The casino and hotel center itself offer free shuttle services to and from the airport.

If you are bringing your car or renting one, all you have to do is take the Atlantic City expressway from S Brighton Ave toward Pacific Ave. From there just go straight until you reach S Albany Ave and then from there, merge to the Atlantic City expressway.

You are halfway there.

Tropicana’s Casino


The 5-star rating is really for the casino, not mainly the hotel. The casino offers all games from slot machines all the way to stud poker. All of their facilities, gaming machines, and other features are of great quality. If you’re flying to New Jersey for gambling, you’ll never go wrong with Tropicana.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City Hotel, Casino & Marina


Just like with Tropicana, Golden Nugget is just a couple of minutes from the Atlantic City International Airport. The best thing about Golden Nugget is the marina which makes the casino experience more glorious.

As you make your way from the airport to the Nugget, you are greeted by a vista of water and boats sailing through. Seeing the entire place at night is even better. All the lights come up and that 20-minute ride from the airport becomes an indulgence.

Land Travel Tips from Airports to Casinos

The Atlantic City International Airport is your best destination if you’re flying to New Jersey for the casinos. The airport is close to of most of the top casinos in New Jersey. Not to mention it is a piece of cake to arrange land travel services to and from your destinations.

Local businesses are offering rental car services if you want to roam around. Most casino and hotel centers also offer private and exclusive car transport services.

There are also buses passing through the airport that will take you straight to several casinos. However, this option will take a lot longer compared to cars that can take the Atlantic City Expressway.

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