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Jersey Airport’s mission is simple, to make sure all those who visit the Garden State enjoy themselves to what the state has to offer.

All About the Garden State

Jersey Airport is your number one guide to conquering the Garden State and everything it has to offer from travel destinations to the ultimate American diner experience to the best casino nights of your life.

Jersey Airport is an online magazine powerhouse established and fortified by a collective of travel enthusiasts engaged in the travel industry. We provide articles and features tackling every single detail about traveling and staying in New Jersey.

Saul Clay – Head Huncho

Jersey Airport’s director, Mr. Saul Clay, believe it or not, is not from New Jersey. He grew up back in Washington St., Spokane in Washington state. Saul, just like our thousands of online members fell in love with New Jersey.

Saul traveled to New Jersey back in 2009 and since then, he called the place home. So, he traveled the entire state, shared his experience through a blog entitled, Jersey Zone, which then became the Jersey Airport everyone enjoys today.

Jersey Airport Magazine

Jersey Airport online magazine is a massive information hub for travel guides, destinations, casinos, food adventures, and so much more. If you haven’t planned anything for your upcoming trip to New Jersey yet, check out some of our articles, then you’re all good.

We’ll make sure your time here in NJ is memorable and will surely leave you wanting more.